The issues concerning safety in transport nowadays play a very important role. Our Company has been for many years paying attention to this aspect and we have been putting due weight on it.

We are deeply conscious and possess suitable knowledge to minimise the risk of damage, loss or violation of the integrity of transported goods. How much effort we apply to warrant the goods’ safety and suitable monitoring from its taking over to delivery to consignee is confirmed by the fact, that from the moment of founding of our Company until today we have not had a single incident of theft or loss of load, and the index of claims is 0 % over the last 8 years.

Both physical securing of load from the moment of loading until delivery is as significant as the transit itself, hence our Company has been continuously implementing new technical safety features to exclude theft of load.

Our employees and sub-contractors are periodically trained in transport safety. Drivers of our vehicles possess suitable theoretical and practical knowledge, that eliminates the risk of undesirable external operations aimed at vehicle and load.

Our vehicles dispose of excellent anti-theft equipment and are monitored in real time by telematics devices, e.g. the Fleetmatics satellite vehicle supervision system.

All the above indicated aspects enable us to safely transport loads in a coordinated and controlled manner on international routes, and the being implemented at present ISO 2800:2007 system strictly charts our way within the safety of our Company and the safety of goods You entrusted us for transport.