We offer:

oferta 1

  • road express transport within Europe
  • deadline courier services
  • arrangement of loading and unloading
  • comprehensive system of transport management FCTD
  • drawing up of suitable logistics documentation
  • warehousing and storage of goods

We provide:

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  • real time GPS tracking of our vehicles
  • real time monitoring of shipments
  • stały nadzór nad tranzytem przesyłek
  • uninterrupted supervision of shipments
  • track&trace system
  • 24 hours a day availability and communication with our Customers
  • Solid performance of services

We warrant:

oferta 3

  • assistance in solving not standard problems
  • transport of shipments according to CaG rules
  • elimination of reloading and potential damages
  • due care and securing of load during transport
  • favourable conditions for performance of services
  • highest level and quality of execution of services
  • insurance of shipments

We specialise in:

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  • transport of spare parts for automotive industry
  • deliveries of spare parts and vessel equipment to shipyards
  • FOB deliveries
  • transport of specialist equipment
  • direct transport to factory manufacturing lines
  • high-risk (high-value) of goods transportation